What is the relation of Emma Bovary with her children in the novel Madame Bovary written by Gustave Flaubert?

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Emma's relationship with her child is challenging.  Emma's romanticized view of her life does not extend to her child, whom she treats as a burden that is inhibiting her opportunity for real love and true happiness.  She comes to associate her child with the boredom of domesticity her marriage renders.  She does not exhibit any sense of true emotional connection with Berthe.  This might be a result of Emma's sense of complete infatuation with her dreams of happiness and contentment.  Emma is not one to accept the foundation of reality, as she is trapped, pinned, underneath the weight of her dreams.  Such a premise would preclude any sense of understanding the needs and fluid dynamics of parenting and forging connections with children.  This is confirmed at the end of the story, when the child is sent to work in a factory as a seamstress, Flaubert's ultimate representation of a life devoid of emotional connection.

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