What is the relation of the characters in "The Crucible"?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The characters in "The Crucible" are bound by their community.  Living in the Puritan town of Salem in Massachusetts, their homogeneity links them to one another.  Salem, itself, is a closed off community that is not diverse, but rather one that is inwardly drawn.  The relationship which is also shared is one of conception of religion where individuals are seen as predisposed to sin.  In this notion of predestination, there is an intense fear of "the other," and of elements which can bring with it complexity and diversity.  It is in this setting where Abigail's revelations and accusations acquire even more meaning.  Her charges of individuals being "witches" represent a moment where she feeds on the worst of all fears, the type of feeling that lie at the heart of all of the town residents.  It is because of this connection to both belief and fear that the accusations of witchcraft gain so much momentum.  As the work progresses, one also notices that another connection all townspeople share is the bearing of witness ot the disintegration of the social and judicial fabric of their town and world.

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