What is the relationship between love and wealth in The Merchant of Venice?? 

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jihyunkim67 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Unlike most novels where love and wealth seem to come in disproportionate amount, the Merchant of Venice depicts relationships where love and wealth come together.

For example, Bassanio was quite a frugal individual but wasn't as wealthy as others like Antonio. Upon hearing that Portia was looking for a spouse, Bassanio borrows a fortune to present to Portia. When he got there to propose to Portia, he fell in love with her and got married. The marriage also came with a fortune that Portia was inherited and for Bassanio love and wealth came together in a package.

For Christian Lorenzo who eloped with Jessica, Shylock's daughter, love and wealth came correlating as well. Jessica managed to steal a fortune of her father's and most became the property of Lorenzo as well. 

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