The Garden Party: And Other Stories Questions and Answers
by Katherine Mansfield

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What is the relationship between Laura and Jose in "The Garden Party"?

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Laura is presented very differently from her older and more experienced sister Jose. At the start of the story, Laura considers class distinctions to be "asburd" and says that they do not matter to her, "not a bit, not an atom..." Likewise Laura is presented as naive and innocent, unsure of how to handle the men who come to put up the marquee. In contrast, Jose, we are told, has no lack of confidence when it comes to the servants:

Jose loved giving orders to the servants and they loved obeying her. She always made them feel they were taking part in some drama.

Clearly, however, the biggest...

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The relationship between Laura and Jose in The garden party is two sisters. Both Laura and Jose is daughter of Mr. Mrs. Sheridan. Jose is elder than Laura. Though they two are sister but different in character. Laura has very much sympathy for lower class people but on the contrary Jose always neglect them. Laura is simple in behavior and childlike but Jose fashionable and childish. Laura has a soft heart to love poor but Jose is representative of Mrs. Sheridan who thinks herself very elite.

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