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What region of the U.S.A. was the center of the American Industrial Revolution?

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Industrial development in America started in the northeast and was confined in the area because most of the industries were powered by water. The industrial revolution started when Samuel Slater introduced new manufacturing technologies in America from Britain. He started the first American cotton mill in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Several other industries came up in the area and spread out to the entire country after the establishment of an expansive transport network. The growth of the industries saw the country venture out to discover more sources of power because reliance on water was limiting not only to the industrial process but also the location of the industries. This saw the introduction of coal and petroleum products in powering energy intensive industries such as Andrew Carnegie’s steel mills.

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The center of American Industrialization was located on the Eastern Coast.  When Slater contracts in Rhode Island to build the first factory, it begins the process of industrialization as something dominant in the North of the nation, particularly the Northeastern part of the nation.  More factories developed in Boston and New York.  Seeing that cities were more predominant in the North and in the Northeastern section of the country, urbanization was a great source of labor for industrialization.

In addition to this, the use of ports in the Northeastern part of the nation enabled goods to be brought in and shipped out with relative ease and low cost, helping to make this section vital for industrialization.  The factory system became something more dominant in the Northeast, then spreading to other parts in the North.  In this, one can see how the center of American Industrialization rested in the North, specifically the Northeastern part of the United States.  

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gsenviro | Student

Lowell, Massachusetts, is generally considered to be the birthplace of the industrial revolution in the United States. The revolution started and was limited to the East Coast, due to the fast moving rivers that provided hydro-power for industrial activities. The first cotton mill in the US, Beverly Cotton Manufactory, was established in Beverly, MA in 1787. Another mill was founded in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1793. The 45-km corridor spanning from Worcester, MA to Providence, Rhode Island was the original industrial birthplace with over 1100 mills throughout this region. One of the main reasons for the industrial revolution in this region was the hydro-power development and the existing cities in the region. Another reason was the connectivity that rivers provided for the easy transport of raw materials and finished goods to various neighboring states.