What is referred pain and how is it useful in diagnosing internal disorders?

sciencesolve | Student

The reffered pain is the pain that occurs in a place that is located at a distance from the cause of experienced pain.

The reffered pain is a very useful tool to establish the diagnostic of a certain disease of an internal organ, that is located away from the place where the pain is experienced. Taking as example the reffered cardiac pain caused by cardiac ischaemia, this pain is experienced in other place than heart, in the left arm or in the left side of the chest. The reffered pain occurs also in diseases of internal genital organs or bladder when the individuals experience pelvic pains or back pains and they cannot precisely tell what internal organ is the cause of pain.

In case of reffered visceral pains, the process is known as viscero-somatic convergence but this is not the singular factor involved in explanation of reffered pain of internal organs.

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