What references to the effects of environmentally unfriendly industrial practices can you find in "Odour of Chrysanthemums"?

The reference to the effects of environmentally unfriendly industrial practices found in this story is the death of Walter Bates, a husband and father. The industrial practice referenced here is coal mining. Walter is a coal miner who dies when a section of the mine caves in.

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The environmentally unfriendly industrial practice referred to in this story is coal mining. The effect of coal mining in this story is the death of our protagonist's husband, Walter. His death is directly caused by the unfriendly industrial practice of coal mining. He got trapped in a cave-in just as his shift was ending, and none of his fellow mine workers even realized that he was still there.

Elizabeth and Walter have not had a happy marriage, and Walter is prone to wasting their limited resources on getting drunk. It is evident, however, that the effect of Walter's death is going to have a profound impact on her family life. For starters, she is going to have to break the news to her children that their father is dead and deal with their grief. Secondly, she will have to process her own complex emotions.

I would argue that the effects of the environmentally unfriendly activity of coal mining will have a greater effect on the Bates children than it will on Elizabeth. Rather than forcing her to grieve, Walter's death forces her to evaluate the failure of her marriage. While she does concede that she was not innocent in this breakdown, it seems unlikely that the effects of death would affect her for the rest of her life.

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