What is a recently occurring security hole in a computer system program or other operating system?

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Popular McAfee anti-virus and malware program company caused security troubles for corporate customers when an automatic update installed instructions to recognize a normal Windows file as a virus. Computers all over the world in hospitals, corporate offices, police vehicles, universities and more began repeatedly automatically rebooting. McAfee made a fix available to download because the problem was of such a nature that an automatic update was impossible and required a manual fix. There is already discomfort over automatic updates issued by Windows and malware companies; McAfee's update problem puts the spotlight back on the issue.

Automatic updates were instituted as standard industry practice after the world was overcome with computer viruses and trojan attacks in the late 1990s. Most computer users have gotten accustomed to automatic updates and are even comforted by the updates from their anti-virus companies, but some who are still leery find new cause for concern in McAfee's world-shaking mishap.

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