What recent unsettling trend has the author noted? Paraphrase in your own words.

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This article was written in 2010.  The author of the article was lamenting what he saw as a rising tide of hatred toward Islam as a faith and towards Muslims as individuals.  He argued that the United States was becoming hostile to Islam and to Muslims because of their connection to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and because of the subsequent “war on terror.”

The author is troubled by this trend in part because he thinks that it is beneath us as a people.  He does acknowledge that we have felt hatred towards other religions in the past.  In particular, he points out that Americans have feared Catholics and Jews and been suspicious of them just as we are suspicious of Muslims today.  We once felt that Catholics and Jews could not be “true” Americans.  However, he notes that we no longer have these prejudices today.  This should, he implies, tell us that our attitudes towards Muslims are just as wrong as our attitudes towards Catholics and Jews were. 

This author believes that our society is more tolerant than those of Europe.  He believes that we need to treat Muslims just like we treat people of other religions.  He believes that it is worrisome and bothering that we are not more tolerant towards them today.

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