What is Rebecca's explanation of the girls' behavior in "The Crucible", Act One?

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dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act I of "The Crucible", Rev. Parris' daughter is seemingly "bewitched" and can not wake up.  At this point of the play, Rebecca Nurse comes to the Parris household to see what is going on (as many other Salem residents do as well).  In this scene, Rebecca sits down next to Betty Parris as she is lying on her bed and says that the girls will "tire" of what they are doing once they come out of their "silly season".  She tells everyone who is in the room that she has 26 grandchildren and that she is almost an expert on kids and the way that they act.  Therefore, she thinks that they are just playing around and that as soon as they are tired of this game they're playing, Betty will be able to wake up.

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