In "The Way We Live Now", what is revealed about Roger by his actions, and why does he give up Hetta to Paul?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Roger was in love with Hetta, but she was in love with Paul.  Roger decided that he loved Hetta so much that he would change his feelings for her as a lover to that of a daughter.  He felt that if he really loved her he would want her to be happy no matter what the cost to himself.  Roger demonstrated the concept of true unconditional love in his actions for Hetta.  He demonstrated that love is not about "having your own way, but sacrificing for those that you love."  This revealed that Roger was a kind, gentle, and caring man who loved a woman more than he wanted his own happiness.  To make Hetta happy he gave up his desire for her to be his wife.

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