The US and the Philippines

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What were the reasons why Filipinos hated Spaniards?

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I am sure that during the colonial period that Spain was in the Philippines, which spanned three centuries, many Filipinos actually liked the Spanish, as the Spanish created an upper class of Filipinos who assisted the colonizers with ruling the islands.  However, this was not the case most of the time.  The Moros did not like the Spanish as they were Islamic and fought the Catholic Spanish.  Spain was unable to rule the island effectively due to the distance between the islands and Spain.  The encomidena system made many Filipinos into cheap laborers and the church gained more power at the expense of the Filipino people.  In the late 1800s, more Filipinos were able to study abroad in Europe and they brought back ideas of self-rule. One of the early fathers of the Filipino resistance movement was Jose Rizal, who was executed for treason in 1896.  More Filipinos chafed at the idea of not being in charge of their own country, and this led to open warfare between the Filipinos and Spanish before 1898.  

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