What were the reasons the South wanted to secede from the Union?

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There were several reasons why the South wanted to secede from the Union. One reason had to deal with slavery. The South believed in the concept of slavery. The South was very concerned that slavery would be banned in the future. When President Lincoln got elected, the South was convinced he would end slavery, even though President Lincoln never said he would do that.

Another reason why the South seceded from the Union was because of the South’s belief in states’ rights. The South believed that states should have the right to nullify laws that hurt one state or region while benefitting another state or region. The North opposed this idea. The North believed federal laws took priority over state laws.

The South was also concerned about the differences in the economies of the North and of the South. Because the South had primarily an agricultural economy, they supported economic policies that were different than those the North supported. The North was primarily an industrial economy. For example, the North wanted protective tariffs to be higher, which the South opposed.

Since the North and the South had so many differences, which couldn’t be resolved by compromise, it was not surprising that a split occurred. The South believed its whole way of life and everything in which they believed would be in jeopardy if they stayed in the Union.

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