What is the reason we hate some people?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Be prepared for many responses on this one.  I think that the fundamental difference issue brought out by the last response is a strong one.  I might also suggest that some experiences with others trigger our past experiences from our own subjective notion that might be displaced on another.  For example, if person A had a bad experience with a particular group of people, it's person B's misfortune to happen to be of the same group as they interact with person A.  The hatred present has nothing to do with person B, but rather the psychological background and baggage of person B.  To borrow a materialist viewpoint, sometimes the aspect of economic wealth and the lack of material prosperity might compel one person to dislike or hate another.  Resentment over time about one's own personal economic situation and the perceived threat that comes from another might be another reason one holds hatred towards another.  In no way do these explanations justify the disdain present, but rather attempt to explain it.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that this is a matter of opinion, not one of scientifically provable fact.

In my opinion, we as individuals hate other people for a number of reasons.  I think my top two reasons for why people hate are:

  • Someone is too different from us in some fundamental way.  If we think that some value (personal or political or religious) is very important and someone else thinks that value is wrong, we can often hate them.  Or if they act in ways that are too different from how we are, we can hate them.
  • I think that many people hate things that they fear.  I think that we sometimes see aspects of ourselves that we do not like in other people.  We then hate them because we fear that we are like them and we do not like that idea.
ipsaedu | Student

1 We star hating someone when they do something Bad to us or to our beloved one .

2 We also hate someone when they irritate us .

3 During our teen we also hate our crush when they like someone else

4 We also hate someone when we feel jealousy or envy towards them

It is human nature to hate so many other situations also make us hate people