What is a reason to be a loyalist?

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Back in the Colonial days, there were many reasons people would choose to be loyal to the British government or to be patriotic and attempt to establish a new nation. In retrospect, it is easy to sympathize with the Patriots and assume that their solution was the only rational option, but in reality, the conflict was not cut and dry.

For many years leading up to the Revolution, there was great optimism that Parliament would change for the better. Most people believed that eventually the colonies would receive some sort of support in Parliament and they would be able to reduce the ridiculous taxes imposed upon them. The Loyalists maintained these beliefs throughout the Revolution and remained loyal to the British government.

They also believed that they were better taken care of under British rule. Without the assistance of the British, the colonies would likely be foregoing numerous creature comforts with which they had become accustomed. They also were loyal to the monarchy and had been...

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