Why is Darwin's Theory of Evolution so popular?I have seen a lot of evidence against evolution. Why would I believe it?

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noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I imagine that the main reason Darwin's theories are so "popular" is because they are so controversial. From the perspective of people who want to ascribe the creation of the world, humans, animals, and plants to a divine creator, Darwin's theories strike at the very foundation of their beliefs.

Most Christians, for example, believe that the Bible is the true "word of God." If, however, Darwin's theories are true, then how can the Bible also be "true"? And if the Bible does not contain the truth, then those whose religion is based on the Bible is undermined.

From the perspective of those who do not believe that the Bible's Book of Genesis contains a "true" account of how the humans, animals, and plants were created, Darwin's theories are equally compelling. In the view of these folks, they find so much scientific evidence to support Darwin's views, that they think it is ridiculous for those who believe in a divinely crafted creation to hold such a notion.

science57 | Student

Your question is highly personal and, really, only you can answer it.

However, Darwin's Theory is popular among scientists as it provides a mechanism that explains much of the variation that is observed in nature. Darwin's work, along with contemporary scientists such as Stephen J. Gould, goes a long way to further explain what we see in nature.

As a science teacher, I am often asked if believing in God is at odds with believing in evolution. Since evolution is part of our curriculum, I tell my students that it may be useful to do one of the following:

1. One could believe that evolution is a supreme being's mechanism to achieve the results we see today.

2. One could view evolution as fiction. However, many of us read fiction and find it useful as a source of entertainment, debate, conjecture, analysis etc.

As you ponder your personal answer, I suggest that you read some of Darwin's Origin of the Species, some of the many writings of Stephen J. Gould and others who discuss the scientific aspect of the theory of evolution. Try to stay away from others' opinions and decide for yourself. Be open to changing you personal answer as you read further and balance your readings to consider both sides of the debate.

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