Are there any examples of realism in the poem El Cid?

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There are many examples of realism, a form of writing characterized by representation of things as they really are, in El Cid.

In line 375, a painful farewell is unflinchingly described, "They part from each other as the fingernail from the flesh".

Scenes of battle are depicted in all their goriness and horror.  An example is in lines 748-751, "My Cid...drew near to a vizier...with his right arm he dealt him such a blow with his sword, he chopped him off at the waist, knocking half of him to the ground".

In lines 727-730, the aftermath of battle is described eerily and vividly, without idealization, "So many shields pierced and penetrated, so many mail coats traversed and torn, so many white pennons come out red with blood, so many good horses wandering without their riders".