In 1984, What is the real war in Oceania?Not between two different countries, but between The Party and their way of control and their citizens.

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The Party is not really at war with the majority of the people, the proles. The proles make up 85% of the population. These people are kept in a constant state of poverty and their actions go unnoticed. These people are completely manipulated so there is no war between the proles and the Party. 

Now Winston is a member of the Outer Party. He alone is at war with the Party in terms of the fundamental premises of the Party. He sees the untruth and he watches the control that Big Brother has over the Inner and Outer Party and disagrees with it. However, he knows his actions are monitored and any movement could give his thought process away to the Thought Police. The war between Winston and Big Brother is over absolute truth. Winston represents every man in a society who must question the authority when the authority fails to act in truth. 


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