what are the real life incidents occured in the past because of acid rain and global warming?

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While acid rain and global warming are two different things, they both have a negative effect on nature. Acid rain can damage buildings and natural structures. Often, entire forests have been devestated by acid rain. The rain kills or injures the trees and other plants. In turn, this reduces the food sources and habitat of animals. It also creates more areas of run off as well as numerous other problems related to the loss or damage of forests. Global warming has a different effect on nature. One of the main issues with global warming is the melting of the polar ice caps. These vast sheets of ice serve many purposes. They help regulate the temperature of the planet and hold vast stores of fresh water. With global warming, these caps are melting. This causes the sea level to rise and some areas change in salt content. We also see other changes in weather patterns with global warming. Most plants (apart from those that grow nearest the equator) depend upon a season change in temperatures. The plants need the cold to allow them to grow better and strong in the spring. Global warming will likely have far more wide reaching consequences than acid rain although they can both be very damaging.
dmayeux | Student


The real life incidents having occured in the past because of acid rain and global warming are actually quite numerous. Regarding the damage caused by acid rain, not only does acid rain have a negative impact on ecosystems, but acid rain can also damage crops (however damage to crops can be minimized with application of neutralizing chemicals). Effects are more acutely felt in isolated marine ecosystems, as alteration of pH levels can have a wide range of effects.

Regarding global warming, while there is some argument for stronger hurricane storms, this is not easily documented in the short term. More easily document are rising sea levels and collapsing ice shelfs. For instance, Shishmaref Alaska is seeing critical erosion occuring as a direct result of rising sea temperatures. Additionally, in the past 2 decades, the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica has seen two major collapses, most recently in 2002. This is again tied to rising temperatures, and serves as evidence that global warming is having real world effects.

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