What real life events of World War II are depicted in the picture book Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti?

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Roberto Innocenti's Rose Blanche is a picture book which tells the story of Rose Blanche, a little girl who feeds children in concentration camps. The picture book uses color on a very metacognitive level (showing Rose as brighter than the dull images around her). Since Rose is trying to help the children in the camps, her image is set in positive and cheerful color--contrasting the dull and dismal reality of life behind the fences. 

As for the real life events of WWII which are depicted in the book, many images of the Holocaust are illustrated. 

-Picture of Nazi soldiers with swastika arm wraps questioning a small child. 

-Picture of children, emaciated and near death, in prison garb. 

-Picture of barbed wire around concentration camps. 

-Picture of German children surrounding German soldiers waving German flags. 

-Picture of  Jewish adults surrounding concentration camp fences looking out. 

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