Identify real issues that cause domestic violence in relationships.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Examination of factors that cause domestic violence can result in observing different triggers for the condition in which one spouse is abused at the hands of another.  At some level, though, this divergence can be seen as a desire to control another.  Domestic violence is a representation of power that one exerts over another through verbal, emotional, and/ or physical means.  Abusers who use domestic violence as a way of control themselves are in a condition that necessitates help.  On some level, the abuser can only relate to their spouse through violence and control.

At the same time, social factors can play a role in domestic violence triggers.  Economics can be seen as a factor.  Abusers who are economically challenged will use the frustration caused by money as a reason to abuse.  Abusers who are economically well- off can use this as a reason to escape responsibility, and therefore abuse even more.  Alcohol and drug use is often cited as another cause in the heightening of domestic violence situations.  Additionally, I think that the cycle of abuse in a child's life can be a factor in causing domestic violence.  If a child has grown up in a setting where domestic violence constitutes the way in which spouses interact with one another, they are more likely to embrace this themselves when they interact with their own spouse.  Social, economic, and psychological factors are all at play in the discussion of domestic violence factors.  They can be synthesized to the element of control that is at play in so many situations where the sadness of domestic violence reveals itself.

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