What is Reage's view of sexuality in Story of O?

Expert Answers
akasha124 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is is easy to be dismissive of The Story of O, dismissing as simple pornography.  But the book isn't simply shocking for the sake of being shocking.  It's a thoughtful, feminist view of consensual dominance and submission.  While the sadomasochistic acts escalate throughout the book, the (female) author's point of view is clear.  O has chosen this path of freedom through her submission and consistantly gives her consent to the acts performed on her. 

Reage takes this one step further by earnest writing about O's sexual relationship with Jacqueline.  The Story of O was published in 1954, a very long time before this current trend of "Girls Gone Wild" so this was just as shocking as the sadomaschism. 

What makes The Story of O different than many other works of erotic literature, is that it was written by a woman.  Reage writes from a place of sincerity and authenticisty that likely comes from her own bisexual experiences as well as the actual writing of The Story of O which has certain aspects of domanance and submission as Reage wrote the story orginally as love letters to her lover to please him.