What can readers infer about what will happen after "Raymond's Run" ends?

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After reading "Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara, we can infer a couple of possibilities. First, we know that Squeaky is impressed by Gretchen's running, and that she has gained respect for this girl she had not really liked before. We can infer that the two of them will become friends. 

"We stand there with this big smile of respect between us" (Bambara 13).

Secondly, we can infer that Squeaky, possibly with Gretchen's help, will start working seriously with Raymond because we find out in the story that he has run on the outside of the fence, right along with Squeaky and has stayed right with her. Squeaky sees that Raymond is a talented runner, and maybe it is time for her to become his coach. Squeaky hopes that Gretchen will join her because she is very good, too. 

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