What is a reader based question from the first 65 pages of Night?

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One of the most direct reader based questions can come from a reflection about how Moshe the Beadle was treated.  Moshe the Beadle recognized his purpose as coming back to warn the citizens of Sighet of the impending horror that awaited them.  Having experienced it himself, he understood his purpose as returning to warn them of what lies ahead. When he returns to Sighet and demands that the citizens "open their eyes" to see what he has experienced, Moshe the Beadle is treated with scorn.  A set of reader based questions can emerge from this point.  The reader can reflect as to why the citizens reacted the way they did and compare a similar situation to their own life where people failed to take good advice and how they suffered as a result.  Another reader based question from this might be if the reader has experienced any instances where they were discarded and silenced for their beliefs.  What does the experience of social marginalization have on an individual?  

These questions compel the reader to examine their own sense of identity in the world and connect it to what Moshe experienced.  In being able to analyze the situation with Moshe the Beadle, a series of reader based questions about voice, social marginalization, and dehumanization emerge.  It is in this where the text invites the reader to reflect and ponder about their own life connections to the text and with this, a major element in developing reader based questions emerge.

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