Under the Lion's Paw

by Hamlin Garland

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What reaction will Council have to what Butler told Haskins?

Expert Answers

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I assume that you're referring to that point in the story where Butler tells Haskins that he can buy the farm, but at twice the original asking price. This is because Haskins has made—at his own expense—a number of improvements to the farm that have made it a much more valuable piece of property.

One can only guess, but it's fair to say that Council would be as disgusted at Butler's greed as Haskins. He'd also be rather surprised, to say the least. Because Council seems blissfully unaware of Butler's past shady business practices. In fact, it was Council who introduced Haskins to Butler in the first place, in the firm belief that Haskins would get a good deal. Once Council finds out just what Butler's really like, it's more than likely that he too will feel as if he's been well and truly conned.

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