What is the ratio of 24 inches to 5 inches?this is a math question.please help me answer this question.

Expert Answers
cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With the numbers you gave, it is simply 24:5

If it was 25 inches to 5 inches, then you would be simplifying.  The ratio of 25:5 is the same as 5:1.  However, since 5 doesn't go into 24 evenly you can't simplify if the problem is 24 inches to 5 inches.

Also, check to be sure the problem isn't inches and feet instead of both inches. 

mcetner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since one way to express a ratio is as a fraction, the ratio of 24 to 5 would be equivalent to the fraction 24/5.  Even though this cannot be simplified as a fraction like 25/5 can be, you can look at it like a division problem, and 24/5 = 4.8, or 4.8/1.  So, this is equivalent to the ratio of 4.8 inches to 1 inch.

taangerine | Student

24 inches to 5 inches

'to' can also mean : 

Therefore, 24 inches:5 inches

We can omit the inches because both of them are in inches.

And, 24:5 is our answer

givingiswinning | Student

the ratio is 24:5 it cannot be made smaller because there are no common factors.

atyourservice | Student

 24 inches to 5

the ratio is:

24:5 and you leave it as that because there is no number you can divide both 24 and 5 by to make the number smaller

revolution | Student

You can express it as 24 inches is to 5 inches, which in ratio form is just simply presented as 24:5. You do not need to write the unit inside the ratio form, just write the numerical value. Seeing that 24 or 5 cannot be simplified anymore, just leave it as it is.

mimine1996 | Student

As 24 can't be divided with 5 and so the answer remains the same as the question.