What is the ratans love towards the postmaster in the short story "POSTMASTER" by RABINDRANATH TAGORE explain in not more than 1000 words

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ratan's love for the postmaster is one that reflects loyalty and a sense of commitment.  Her love for him is predicated upon the fact that she was cast aside by the social order and relegated to the periphery of the village.  The postmaster displays care her, offers her an opportunity, and shows concern for her.  This is completely different from what she has experienced.  I think that Ratan's love is generated by the fact that she is so completely taken aback by why the postmaster shows to her.  Yet, I believe that Ratan's love is also a self love, inspired by the postmaster.  The lessons learned under the postmaster as well as the development of self that was evident with her time with the postmaster causes her to have a love of self that is a powerful one.  In Ratan's love, we see both a love of self and of the other.  In the end, when she stands alone, we do see her cry.  Yet, these tears might be one that also reflect the stoic and quiet dignity that she has developed from her time with the postmaster.  In this light, the love of self and the love of another might be reflected in one in the same through Ratan's demonstration of what it means to love.

twinkle1997 | Student

here we need to talk about the relationship between ratan and postmaster.....................the relationship between ratan and postmaster was like a father and daughter. the postmaster took care of ratan like a father and she too cares for the postmaster very much. even when the postmaster was ill she took great care of him.