What is Ralph's reaction when Jack mimics him during the assembly about the beast in Lord of the Flies?what page is it on?

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Douglas Horley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The assembly about the beast marks the beginning of the end of Ralph's leadership. Despite knowing that he needed to make no mistakes and assert his chieftanship, he still fails to control the meeting and he ends up looking weak and indecisive. Part of this is because Jack openly mocks him by mimicking his voice when he tries to enforce the rules, "Jack! Jack!" (p. 114).

Ralph's reaction to Jack gives some key quotes for understanding the themes of the novel, "The rules!" shouted Ralph, "You're breaking the rules........The rules are the only thing we've got!" (p. 114). Jack's reply to this is a blunt, "Bollocks to the rules!" (p. 114) which stands in stark contrast to his enthusiasm for having rules earlier in the novel. Ralph's reaction is not one of personal resentment but rather open desperation as he tries to hold the community of boys together.                                                                                                                     

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