In Lord of the Flies, what are Ralph's internal and external conflicts?Specifically in chapters 3,5,&6.

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danylyshen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter three Ralph is internally conflicted because he wants to exert control over the boys, but he's meeting some opposition in Jack. Externally, Ralph needs the shelters built and the boys prefer to play, to run rampant, and behave like savages. Ralph also needs a signal fire to be lit and stay lit so that some adults might rescue them.

In chapter five Ralph is internally conflicted because he needs to have productive meeting and not one that's all about fun. Externally he is conflicted because the boys are all reaching for the conch, they all want their way, but they've elected him as a chief. Ralph is trying to act as a friend, as a leader, and as a chief and it is here where the conflicts arrive.

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