what are Ralph's feelings on meetings?This is from chapter 3.

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph likes the order and democracy of the meetings. He finds the conch shell and makes the rule that the boys can only speak if they are holding it. Ralph likes structure and order.

anomy | Student

Ralph feels that meetings are essential to maintain order. They are necessary to establish rules and to hear the thoughts and ideas of the group as a whole. They are Ralph's way of communicating with his tribe. However, he soon finds that the meetings are somewhat ineffective. The other boys don't seem to want to follow the rules, even the ones they agreed were necessary. Ralph finds it difficult to communicate the need for fire, shelter, and order. The meetings quickly become focused on the more savage interests of the tribe, such as the beast and hunting. Ralph feels like the meetings are full of discord and that the other boys fail to see their importance. He is distressed that the boys don't seem to follow through with tasks agreed on in meetings.

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