What is Ralph reaction when he realizes that the group disregards his authority?

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Ralph calls a meeting of the boys in chapter 5 because he sees the situation, their society on the island, beginning to fall apart. Huts aren't getting built, boys are disregarding their duties to keep fresh water in shells, and boys are relieving themselves wherever they want rather than in the designated areas.  Ralph is angry with the boys for this disintegration. When he is told that the reason for things falling apart is that the boys are frightened, he foolishly tries to legislate away the existence of this fear by officially declaring that there are no beasts.  When even this attempt to regain order fails, he shouts at the boys and reminds them that they elected him to be their leader and that rules are important.  He tries to re-establish order and his attempts fall flat.  He will regain a small amount of order for a short time.  He does not have the essential skills needed to be a leader.

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