What is Ralph doing at the beginning of this chapter in Lord of the Flies?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Not sure which chapter you're referring to specifically, but here are some accounts of Ralph's actions at the beginnings of each chapter:

1--Ralph is making his way to the lagoon after he and the other boys have been stranded on the island.

2--Ralph is blowing the conch to call a meeting of the boys to discuss what needs to be done on the island to help them survive.

3--This chapter opens with Jack, and shortly after, he meets Ralph who has been trying to build a hut for shelter.

4--Discussion of the mirages on the island and descriptions of the boys.

5--Ralph walks through the trees on a clear path so that he can lose himself in thought without being distracted.

6--Ralph and Simon carry Percival back to shelter.

7--Ralph follows Jack on a pig-run.

8--Ralph argues with Piggy about their safety.

9--This chapter opens with Simon.  When Ralph is first seen in this chapter, he says that he must take a bath and preserve cleanliness.

10--Ralph and Piggy talk about the number of biguns left in their group.

11-- Ralph tries to get the fire going again.

12--Ralph tends his wounds while he hides from Jack's hunters.

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Which chapter?

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