In "Lord of the Flies", what is Ralph discovering that he dislikes about the way he is living?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph is discovering that he dislikes the disintegration of civility and order.  In chapter 5, he is upset at the way things are going on the island: there are no decent huts, the fire has not been properly tended and thus allowed to go out, the meetings are becoming increasingly chaotic, and he is ineffectual as a leader even to the point where he has never thought to find something to shore up the log on which some of the boys sit and fall off of during meetings. At this chapter 5 meeting, he berates the boys for not following the rules about where to go to the bathroom.  He tells them that they are being careless.  Also, he says they aren't keeping the fresh water supply in the shells like they had decided they would.   When he tries to talk to the boys about these things, they giggle and snicker.   In chapter 7, Ralph laments his long, dirty and unkempt hair.  He desires the orderly world he left behind.

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