What is rainwater harvesting? State the objective of rainwater harvesting.

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Rainwater harvesting is a rather simple, yet underappreciated, method for collecting and using water. It can be as simple as funneling rainwater off your roof through gutters into a barrel or as elaborate as directing water to a cistern to supply your whole house with water.

Collecting and utilizing rainwater is a cheap and efficient way to maximize your water supply. Once you've devised your system for collecting the water, then you can use it to water plants and gardens, fill swimming pools, and wash vehicles. It can be used indoors to clean clothes and fill toilets. If properly filtered and disinfected, it can even be consumed by people and animals.

Collecting rainwater is environmentally responsible in that it helps to conserve water and promotes self-sustainability. Rainwater is the perfect water for plants since it is unchlorinated, and it can help with drainage issues your property may have. What's more, rainwater harvesting is not something complex; it can be done relatively easily and inexpensively.

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