What is radical behaviorism? What is cognitive psychology? How are radical behaviorism and cognitive psychology similar and different.  

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Radical behaviorism theory: This was an approach designed by BF Skinner, the father of behaviorism. The premise of radical behaviorism is that  an individual will learn new behaviors (or eliminates others) by consistent reinforcement, or the removal of reinforcements. Basically, the theory states that people behave socially only: Through motivators, reinforcement, and modeling.

Cognitive theory is the opposite: It states that people learn from both nature and nurture, at specific developmental states, with the help of social learning, but mostly out of genetic pre-dispositions of character traits and personality.

They are alike in that they both contend that nature and nurture are equally responsible for the upbringing of an individual. They are different in that behaviorism deals strictly with social learning while cognitive is an inner process.