The Chrysalids Questions and Answers
by John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beyn Harris

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Who is Rachel in Wyndham's The Chrysalids, and what are her character traits and function?

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Rachel is one of the secondary characters in The Chrysalids. Rachel is Anne’s sister and both girls are part of David’s circle of deviants. Since she is a minor character, she is not developed by Wyndham and little can be deduced about her character traits. Petra says "does seem to cry an awful lot, that girl," and Michael says she is brave and courageous. She loves her sister and is genuinely distressed at Anne's suffering and naturally shaken by her sister's final action. She is also sensible because she burns the note left behind by Anne.

We know more about how Rachel functions in the novel, which is largely to provide information. David explains things to her or she tells David about people or incidents, like Mark or Anne’s troubles. In this function of information bearer, Rachel has part in three big incidents. After Anne...

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