What are the themes of this book?could u please help me find some evidence that indicates the theme of the book? ( like some words or a sentence)

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would think that you could develop many different thematic applications of the book.  Upon completing it, I think that asking what you saw the book as trying to prove would be a starting point in the answer to this question.  One dominant theme would the be idea of the "web of stories."  This notion helps to bring out the affirmation of self that is revealed through the narrative.  One theme is the notion of empowerment through ownership.  In being able to retell her story, Jeanne is able to assume ownership of it.  At a time period when so much was taken from her, Jeanne is able to assume control over her own past by being the author of it.  I think that this is a direct contrast to what was done to her at the hands of those running the internment camp and the policies of internment.  I would also say that this reality helps to bring about another theme in the book.  At a time when America led the charge for freedom throughout the world, its practices towards the Japanese and Japanese- Americans defied this quest.  It helps to develop another side to the American stance in the war.

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