What are the main events of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in chronological order?

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Unlike most books you have read, most of this book is episodic.  That means that each chapter in the first part of the book is its own important event.  Once you get to the middle of the book, things start to get more interesting.  The part where they have trouble with Injun Joe and get lost in the caves and find the treasure is really the only significant part of the book.

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There are a lot of events in this book.  A few important ones:

  • Tom cons the other boys into whitewashing the fence for him.
  • Tom gets the Bible presented to him for allegedly memorizing Bible verses but can't answer a simple question about the Bible.
  • Becky rejects Tom.
  • Tom and Huck see the murder.
  • Tom and his friends run off and live on the island.
  • They go to their own funeral.
  • Tom and Becky are lost in the cave.
  • Tom and Huck find the money.