What quote would you suggest boldly represents the central theme of Lamia by Keats?

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There as he stood, he heard a mournful voice,
     Such as once heard, in gentle heart, destroys
     All pain but pity: thus the lone voice spake:
     "When from this wreathed tomb shall I awake!
     When move in a sweet body fit for life,
     And love, and pleasure, and the ruddy strife
     Of hearts and lips! Ah, miserable me!"

One quote that represents the theme of Lamia by Keats is found in the opening passages. Here (above) Keats is laying out the thematic concern that suggests that love's passion ends in only the ultimate finality of life, that being death. Whether it is Hermes seeking the nymph or the lamia seeking Lycius, all that begins in controlling passion ends in conquering death.