In Animal Farm, where are the differences between Snowball and Napoleon on the thoughts on education?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One primary difference between both pigs on their definition of education relates to how they see the role of Animals in the new post- Jones order of being.  Snowball is very much about empowering the other animals.  In this, he sees education as a way to increase knowledge and awareness of the other animals about their own sense of power and autonomy.  This is why he is very adamant on creating committees and encouraging the animals to take an active role in how the farm is run.  Napoleon is more concerned with power and ensuring that all of the animals have their particular function, none of which is to interfere with Napoleon's maintenance of control and his unobstructed nature of power distribution.  Accordingly, Napoleon's view of education would be one in which animals operate in accordance to his own wishes, and in a manner that does not take away his own power.  In this, education is a reflection of maintaining the Status Quo of Napoleon's power.  At the same time, Snowball views education as a way of transforming and empowering the animals to ensure they are in control of their own being.