What are six quotes from Whirligig by Paul Fleischman that show Brent's immaturity?

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Brent fortunately gains maturity throughout the course of Whirligig. He is, after all, only a junior in high school. And his penance for the accident causes him to grow up and to develop his own identity. But the first chapter, “Party Time,” is full of immature behavior on his part. Here are three examples:

After he finds out that the party has a dress code that he didn’t fit:, we read that “Fury rose up in him from a deep well. He’d been a head-banger as a toddler and still threw tantrums when he didn’t get his way. He knew he couldn’t afford a tirade here.” At least for a few minutes, Brent understands and can control his anger. But he lets it explode later when he attacks Chaz, just before he storms out of the party.

When the conversation comes to cars and Porsches, Brent steps in as if he has personal experience with them. He claims his father had one back in Atlanta but wasn’t happy with it and finally sold it. “It was the sort of lie that would never be found out, the sort he’d drawn on often. Moving had at least that one advantage. Over the years, he’d grown adept at creating alternate pasts for himself.” His fabricated stories make his family sound better off than they really are. He feels the need to be equal or to be better than everyone else.

The last two pages of the chapter show the climax of his immaturity, when Brent listens to a drunken subconscious voice that validates his bad behavior and that prods him to take his hands off the steering wheel. “You have the power to end your life. Now. Very slowly, he closed his eyes.” Brent’s temper and selfishness combine to cause the tragic accident.

Brent does show growing maturity as he devotes his energies to the whirligig project. But there are still a few moments when his youth and inexperience break through. In...

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