The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Questions and Answers
by Muriel Spark

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What quotes throughout show that Miss Brodie is manipulative to the Brodie set and her two lovers?

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Miss Jean Brodie regards herself as a mentor and skilled educator, and she views her dominance over the students as positive force. Her refrain about making impressionable girls hers “for life” reveals those attitudes. In reality, she interferes in the lives of the girls in her “set” and pushes them to get involved in inappropriate and even dangerous activities.

Miss Brodie is unpopular with other teachers and the school administration, and one aspect of her manipulative behavior is to involve former students with her plots to resist being fired or asked to resign, which she swears she will never do.

Miss Brodie's special girls were taken home to tea and bidden not to tell the others, they were taken into her confidence, they understood her private life and her feud with the headmistress and the allies of the headmistress.

Jean Brodie’s manipulation is seen specifically in her treatment of the student...

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