What are quotes that show that Atticus Finch is generous and brave in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee?

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When Scout attempts to defend Walter Cunningham Jr., she explains how she is familiar with the Cunningham family and tells the story of how Atticus allowed Walter's father to barter for services instead of paying with money. Atticus's decision to accept Walter Cunningham's unorthodox payment demonstrates his generosity. Atticus sympathizes with Walter Cunningham's financial situation, which is why he agrees to accept payment in the form of natural products produced on Walter Cunningham's farm. Scout describes how Walter paid Atticus by saying,

One morning Jem and I found a load of stovewood in the back yard. Later, a sack of hickory nuts appeared on the back steps. With Christmas came a crate of smilax and holly. That spring when we found a crokersack full of turnip greens, Atticus said Mr. Cunningham had more than paid him (Lee 21).

In chapter 10 , Atticus demonstrates his bravery by taking Sheriff Tate's rifle and standing directly in the path of a dangerous rabid dog as it staggers down the...

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