What quotes show that the mother and daughter are alike in "Two Kinds"?

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Jing-mei says that her mother thought she could be "a Chinese Shirley Temple," and they'd watch her movies together as if they were "training films." Jing-mei would watch Shirley dance and sing and pout, and when her new haircut—meant to look like lush Shirley Temple–esque curls—does not work out at all, she says she likes it anyway, "and it made [her] actually look forward to [her] future fame." At first, Jing-mei buys into this idea that she will be famous for something, just like her mother is also hoping and believing. Then, when it comes time for the talent show, after Jing-mei has been taking piano lessons from Mr. Chong (despite the fact that she'd fudged her practices, unbeknownst to the deaf older man), she says, "It was as if I knew, without a doubt, that the prodigy side of me really did exist." Jing-mei also seems to want to show "sulky" Waverly that Jing-mei is wonderful and talented too, just as Jing-mei's mother seems determined to have a more prize-winning...

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