What quotes show growth or change in the character of Rosaleen in The Secret Life of Bees?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You might like to focus on the way in which Rosaleen moves in the narrative from being a fugitive from the law, oppressed and beaten for trying to stand up for her rights, to being an accepted and love member of a black household where she is valued for her skills in cooking. The way in which Rosaleen starts off sleeping in the shed outside and then moves in with May and then finally has May's room to herself strongly suggests this, as does the increasing familiarity and friendship that she has with August, May and June. Note how they are described in Chapter 11 as they prepare for Mary Day:

When I got to the kitchen, there were August, June, and Rosaleen, dusted with flour, baking these small one-layer cakes the size of honey buns. They were singing while they worked, singing like the Supremes, like the Marvelettes, like the Crystals wiggling their butts to "Da Doo Ron Ron."

The way in which Rosaleen is presented as working with August and June on grounds of complete equality and familiarity indicates the way that she has changed in her character from being an outsider to finally having somewhere to call home where she can be nurtured, loved and valued for who she is.

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