What are some quotes from Chapter 11 that show how Daniel helps Leah with chores?

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In Chapter 11, Daniel and Leah move into Simon's old house. Simon had allowed Daniel to stay at his workshop, which was attached to his home, because Simon was too busy traveling with Jesus to maintain his business. Daniel has a difficult time getting Leah to move but successfully convinces her to travel by providing her with a "litter" that drives her to the new house. Leah is hesitant at first to begin helping with chores around the house and Daniel is forced to take on the tasks that were typically left to women. Speare writes,

"Very early in the morning, before the women and girls were likely to be about, he carried the water jars to the well" (Speare 126).

Daniel wakes up early to gather water before the women arrive because he does not want people witnessing him doing a woman's job. Speare also writes,

"This was not a man's job, nor was the sweeping or the cooking or the washing of clothes" (Speare 126).

Daniel understands that these important tasks need to get done, and he has no choice but to complete them himself because there was "no women to wait on them." As the chapter progresses, Leah becomes alive and comfortable in their new home. She even begins to help Daniel garden and takes over the task of pulling weeds.

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