What quotes are said about Meryl Lee in The Wednesday Wars?

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The first quote to appear that gives the reader some insight into Meryl Lee's character is the following quote.  

So I asked Meryl Lee Kowalski, who has been in love with me since she first laid eyes on me in the third grade -- I'm just saying what she told me -- I asked her to open my desk first. 

The quote is important to the text, because it tells readers two things.  First, the quote explains that Meryl Lee and Holling have known each other for a fairly long time.  Second, the quote foreshadows the budding relationship between Holling and Meryl Lee that occurs as the book progresses.  

Despite being a seventh grade girl who is in love with a classmate of hers, Meryl Lee is no damsel in distress.  In fact, I would say that she is a bit of a bully toward Holling at times.  I'll call it inept junior high flirting, but it doesn't change the fact that Meryl Lee isn't afraid of physically threatening Holling.  Take the following quote for example which happens during choir.  

Meryl Lee moved her hand toward my throat.  

Meryl Lee is not making a romantic move.  She is attempting to force Holling to repeat his Shakespearean insult.  

I like this next quote about Meryl Lee.  In fact, it's her saying the quote too.  

"Who's Mickey Mantle?" 

It's a very short quote, but it clearly shows that she doesn't have a care in the world for professional baseball.  Not knowing who Mickey Mantle is to baseball is like saying you don't know who Einstein is to science or who Shakespeare is to literature. 

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