What quotes in Julius Caesar show how Brutus is gullible?

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There are several quotes where Brutus is depicted as being gullible while speaking to Cassius. Cassius persuades Brutus into joining the conspirators by appealing to his honorable ancestors, discussing Caesar's flaws, and planting fake letters from concerned Roman citizens, which Brutus reads and believes. Not only does Cassius manipulate Brutus into assassinating Julius Caesar, but Mark Antony also exploits Brutus's gullible personality.

Mark Antony convinces Brutus not to harm him and also persuades Brutus into allowing him to speak at Caesar's funeral. In Act Three, Scene 2, Brutus portrays his gullible personality after Mark Antony displays his love for Julius Caesar. Brutus tells Mark Antony,

For your part, To you our swords have leaden points, Mark Antony. Our arms in strength of malice and our hearts Of brothers' temper do receive you in With all kind love, good thoughts, and reverence. (Shakespeare, 3.2.182-187)

Antony then convinces Brutus that he is a friend and asks Brutus if he...

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