What are some quotes from Lyddie that tell readers how the factory is unsafe?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would direct you to chapter 9 for the best quotes about the dangers of the factory.  That is when the factory and all of its dangers are new to Lyddie, so she describes them in wonderfully vivid detail.  As Lyddie gets more and more comfortable and confident in her workload and skills, she downplays the danger.  That is until she gets injured.  

Creation! What a noise! Clatter and clack, great shuddering moans, groans, creaks, and rattles.  The shrieks and whistles of huge leather belts on wheels.  And when her brain cleared enough . . .

The noise in the factory is intense.  It's so loud in fact, that some hearing loss for the girls working there is not uncommon.  The quote shows the reader that it was so loud that Lyddie had a hard time thinking.  Modern day factories can be loud, but they mandate that workers wear ear protection.  The text goes on to further describe the noise.  

She had thought a single stagecoach struggling to hold back the horses on a downhill run was unbearably noisy. . . A factory was a hundred stagecoaches all inside one's skull, banging their wheels against the bone.  

Probably my favorite "factory is dangerous" quote is when Diana sucks the end of the weft thread through the shuttle.  

"We call it the kiss of death," she shouted, smiling wryly to soften the words.  

Wait, what?  You can die by putting your mouth on the shuttle?  Yep, that's because the shuttles are shared among all of the girls on the factory floor.  That's a real big problem if one of the factory workers has tuberculosis, because that particularly nasty disease is spread through the saliva.