What are some quotes from Matt de la Pena’s Mexican WhiteBoy that reveal major character traits?

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Danny, the main character in Mexican WhiteBoy, is the offspring of a white mother and a Mexican father. Danny attends a private school near San Diego and—due to his slightly darker skin color—does not feel like he fits in with any of the students there. Danny's father is not in his life, and Danny is haunted by his absence.

One summer, Danny spends some time with his father's family in National City. He hopes to form some sort of connection with them, but because he cannot speak Spanish, he feels he does not fit in there either. Danny loves baseball and is an extraordinarily talented baseball pitcher, but whenever he has to pitch in front of others, he is terror-stricken and the pitches go haywire:

Nothing hypes him up more than when people are watching him. Especially white people.

One of the central themes of the book is Danny's inability to feel at home in the world, especially when he's attending his private school near San Diego:

Nobody paid him any attention anyway because he was...

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